Creating a “Buzz” Online

MaxFilings was a new entrant in the competitive industry of online incorporation services, launching their corporate web site in April 2007. A search on Google showed over 8 million listings for the keyword phrase “online incorporation service”.

It can take an organization a year or more to achieve significant rankings for their web site under these conditions. MaxFilings was facing a challenge indeed!

But a clever promotion gave the company the ability to get its name and offer on the first page of Google – within only one week!

Promotion Components

SEO Advantage® developed the concept for the promotion, managed the design and development of a landing page, wrote the copy, and promoted a press release announcing the promotion.

Offer: First, we created an offer concept to differentiate MaxFilings from other operators in the industry: a free press release for each newly incorporated company.

Promotion: Next, we created a press release to promote the offer to reach both media outlets and customers directly. The press release was posted on the corporate site, emailed to a custom compiled list of media outlets, and distributed online to reach customers directly through search engines.

In addition, we created a visual on every page of the site to promote the offer, linking to a landing page with more information and call to action. This meant that whether someone entered the site through the press release or other pages of the site, they could easily find the promotion.

Key Supporting Factors: A Knowledge Center of informational articles supports the rankings of the site and press releases with rich content. These articles cover topics often searched on by the types of clients MaxFilings wants to attract, bringing clients to the site as they are searching for information. Regular addition of articles also encourages Google to index the site often, helping to accelerate rankings, which in turn results in even more traffic exposed to the promotion.


Within one week, the press release ranked on page one of Google for the term “online incorporation service”. The following weeks saw the press release picked up at several online news outlets, including a powerful endorsement at

Within two weeks, the web site was also ranking on page one of Google for this term! The proliferation of the press release throughout various sources online resulted in generation of links back to the main site. In addition, the regular addition of press releases and articles for MaxFilings helps keep the site content “fresh”, encouraging Google to index it more often.

The threshold for gaining a stream of clients was accelerated to only a matter of weeks. While it could take a company a year operating in such a competitive industry to build enough credibility to gain its first customers, MaxFilings has already started to see a flow of new customers.

And perhaps more important than the initial promotion to gain immediate customers, the ongoing use of press releases and addition of informational material to the MaxFilings web site is helping to build credibility and position the company as an authority in its industry for long-term success.

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